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Unique football coaching for children

Established in 2001 we are one of the most experienced football companies about and are passionate about what we do.

Weekly classes are held for 3-11 year olds offering both a great introduction to football and an opportunity for team players to perfect their skills in a fun action packed environment.

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Welcome to Kick-A-Bout

Kick-A-Bout’s coaching courses offer a fun and alternative approach to football training for children. We provide individually tailored courses for different age groups, ranging from 3 and upwards.

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Our aim

To provide fun coaching sessions in a safe and disciplined learning environment.

In our under 5’s classes children are encouraged to use their imaginations while coaches use pictures, toys and props to tell exciting stories. Each part of the story relates to a different football game and a typical session the children can find themselves running from monsters, collecting hidden treasure or racing in police cars!

The 6 years+ classes are again designed to be fun but within a more realistic football environment. The main content of these sessions focus on lots of touches of the ball, lots of 1v1 / 2v2 games and small sided matches.


Meet the team

Kick-A-Bout’s staff receive ongoing training for all age groups.

Each member of staff that is recruited is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked.