What Kick-A-Bout is all about

Kick-A-Bout’s coaching courses offer a fun and alternative approach to football training for children. We provide individually tailored courses for different age groups, ranging from 3 and upwards.

Our aim is to provide fun coaching sessions in a safe and disciplined learning environment. We provide tailored courses for different age groups starting from 3+.

We encourage the children to use their imaginations by incorporating fancy dress and visual props into story-telling sessions. Each part of the story relates to a different football game. In a typical session the children can find themselves running from monsters, collecting hidden treasure or racing in police cars!

Classes are designed to be fun, but within a more realistic football environment. By giving each child a ball right at the start of the session, they quickly feel comfortable with it at their feet. Ball confidence is then developed by playing small team matches and a variety of different 1 versus 1 games.


Our story

Kick-A-Bout was founded in 2001 by David Allen and co-founder Colin Vince. While at university they were both coaching football on a part-time basis at Andover Leisure Centre. They also spent a significant period of time gaining vital experience in America. Due to their unique coaching style, they quickly found themselves attaining a weekly attendance of up to 150 children.

Kick-A-Bout continues to grow in popularity and now have a team of staff coaching approximately 600 children per week in 12 separate venues across the south of England.

Meet the team